Review: Coffee Date, by K. Lynn (Rating: 4/5)

Just a quick review of Coffee Date, by K. Lynn (Less Than Three Press, July 1, 2015). It’s a short story of about 40 pages, and follows a trans woman named Alice as she struggles to tell her new boyfriend the truth about her body and her transition.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Cover Artist: Aisha Akeju

Cover Artist: Aisha Akeju

Alice meets Hank at her local coffee store. She’s a regular, he’s new, and they flirt over a couple of weeks when she comes by for her breakfast. Hank is everything that Alice is looking for in a guy, but Alice has a secret that she’s not yet willing to share: she’s trans. In the past, telling this to a potential boyfriend has caused the relationship to end right away, and Alice isn’t sure she can take the heartbreak again.

This was a really lovely short story. Alice is an interesting character, and I could really feel her struggle throughout the book. There were to tough decisions to make: telling Hank the truth and risking the loss of their relationship, or hiding it from him and basically lying about who she is.

Hank is really sweet. He brings her coffee and a muffin to work when she’s running late one morning, and asks her for a date. They have a lot in common, both doing jobs that they love (she’s a librarian, he’s a writer and barista). And Hank is willing to wait for Alice to be comfortable with a physical relationship… although this also allows Alice to keep her secret even longer.

And eventually, Alice knows that she’s going to have to tell Hank the truth

I really recommend this cute romantic short story!

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