Review Summary: What I read in June!

I read a lot in the month of June… 23 books*, to be precise! It’s the rainy season here, so I spend a lot of time indoors at work and at home, usually with a book and a blanket around my shoulders.

Here’s what I read in June 2015! (And again, what those ratings actually mean…)

Cover Artist: Kanaxa Cover Artist: Unknown Cover Artist: Angela Waters
Ford-MurderandMayhem Cover Artist: Gabrielle Pendergrast Cover by:  Simoné

For Real, by Alexis Hall (5/5)
Memories, by Valentina Heart (3/5)
Murder & Mayhem, by Rhys Ford (5/5)
The Muse, by Meghan O’Brien (3.5/5)
Romance by the Book, by Jo Victor (4/5)
Shadows Fall, by J. K. Hogan (3.5/5)
Kneel, Mr. President, by Lauren Gallagher (4.5/5)
Life, Some Assembly Required, by Kaje Harper (3.5/5)
Submission Guidelines, by T. Neilson (3/5)
My Cowboy Promises, by Z.A. Maxfield (3.5/5)
Just Business, by Anna Zabo (5/5)
The Deep of the Sound, by Amy Lane (2.5/5)
The Dom Around the Corner, by Christine D’Abo (3/5)
The Girl Next Door, by Amy Jo Cousins (5/5)
Yours All Along, by Roni Loren (3.5/5)
Silver Scars, by Posy Roberts (4/5)
The Long Fall of Night, by A.J. Rose (4.5/5)
Make Me Soar, by K.C. Wells (2/5)
The Tide of War, by Lori A. Witt (4/5)
Helping Hand, by Jay Northcote (3.5/5)
Seventh, by Rachel White (3.5/5)
Old Green World: A Novel, by Walter Basho (3/5)
Book of Love, by Julia Talbot (2/5)

* I actually read 26 books, but three of them weren’t romances, so I didn’t review them on this blog.

If you read any of these last month, let me know what you thought about them! Happy July to everyone! (And Happy Canada Day to all of you up north… enjoy your poutine and fireworks!)

2 thoughts on “Review Summary: What I read in June!

    • It’s actually a bit of a curse because I keep running out of things to read. My job is periods of high-intensity stress, followed by hours of absolutely nothing to do, so I usually have a book at my desk for the quiet periods.


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