Recap: The Best Books of July


July was an amazing month for new books! I tried to diversify my to-read list, and hopefully I was successful. Here are my top picks for July:

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Bound With Passion, by Megan Mulry (Rating: 4/5): a ménage romance (M/F/M) set in Regency England, this novel was hot and sexy and all about the romance! Lady Georgiana agrees to marry her best friend so he can claim his inheritance… but he’s already in a relationship with another man!

A Story of Now, by Emily O’Beirne (Rating: 4/5): this lesbian romance follows Claire and Mia, two university students in Australia as they learn more about themselves and each other. Really beautiful, and the second book in the series is out at the end of the year!

Ink and Bone (The Great Library #1), by Rachel Caine (Rating: 4.5/5): the first in a new YA series, set in an alternate timeline where the Library of Alexandria never burned and owning a book is illegal. Eventually it will be an M/F romance.

Focus on Me, by Megan Erickson (Rating: 4/5): an absolutely brilliant M/M romance that deals with mental illness and acceptance. Riley, a former model suffering from depression and anorexia, and Colin, a man who can’t seem to succeed at anything he attempts, are strangers who end up on a road trip together.

Risk it All, by Megan Derr (Rating: 4/5): a short M/M story set in Derr’s urban-fantasy universe, this is a perfect example of guilty pleasure reading! Kipling is a werewolf who murdered his alpha, and is now on the run. But then he meets Tori, a human who has secrets of his own, and the attraction is overwhelming.

About a Girl, by Sarah McCarry (Rating: 4.5/5): this is the third in a trilogy, and centers around Tally, a young woman trying to figure out where she comes from. It’s an F/F and M/F romance with a transgender character, and weaves Greek mythology alongside the everyday. Absolutely beautiful!

Making a Comeback, by Julie Blair (Rating: 4/5): a lesbian romance with two women who bond over music and a love of jazz. Liz lost her wife a few months ago, and lost her interest in music at the same time. When she meets Jac, a jazz critic, she learns that loss isn’t the end of the world.

Soul of Smoke, by Caitlyn McFarland (Rating: 4/5): Such a fun urban fantasy novel! It’s an M/F romance with dragons in modern day, which Kai discovers when she accidentally stumbles on a battle between two rival dragon clans. When she ends up accidentally bonded to Rhys, she realizes that she’s gotten in over her head.

Breaking, by Barbara Elsborg (Rating: 4.5/5): Assassins, attempted murder, and a delicious mystery weave together to form this fantastic M/M crime thriller. Archer is a (retired) assassin-for-hire, and Conrad is a powerful London barrister who was hospitalized after a hit-and-run. The two alpha males find themselves fighting each other–and their attraction to each other– as they try to stay alive.

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