Review: Full Exposure, by Amy Jo Cousins (Rating: 4.5/5)

cousins-full-exposureFull Exposure, by Amy Jo Cousins
Publisher: Self-Published (August 4, 2015)
Page Count: 78
Genre: Bisexual (M/M) Romance/Erotica

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Summary: When Evan Pak’s photographer brother invites him to tag along on a photo shoot with rock star Riley Flood, he figures it will be two days of ogling and eye-rolling and nothing more. But the reckless bad boy is nothing like he expected, and Evan is mesmerized by the mix of cocky and sweet he sees in Riley.

When a spontaneous idea ends with Evan stripping down under the hot lights for an intimate portrait for Riley’s next album cover, Evan is absolutely sure their connection won’t end when the lights are turned off. Especially since Riley can’t seem to keep his hands off the tattoos Evan hides under his clothes.

Even a spoiled rock star wants to give up control sometimes, if only for a weekend. The world is full of people who want things from Riley and the demands on him never stop. Evan knows exactly how to turn off the noise in Riley’s head and it starts by putting him on his knees.

My Thoughts: If you’ve read any of her full-length novels, you’ll know that Amy Jo Cousins writes incredibly gorgeous, intimate relationships that are steamy enough to have you scrambling for a glass of ice water. So when I say that she’s kicked things up a notch with this novella, what I mean is this story was scorching!

From the moment Evan– a geeky consultant from the Outer Banks of North Carolina– meets Riley, he knows the rock star isn’t what he was expecting. Riley is cocky, yes, but he’s also genuine and candid… and his smile has something inside of Evan sitting up to take notice. A few hours together in a photoshoot is enough to spark attraction between them, but Evan gets another surprise when he follows Riley back to his hotel room that night: Riley, arrogant and headstrong, is a sub.

Did I mention that this story is hot hot hot? Because if not, let me say it again. Damn! Evan takes charge without hesitation, helping to pull Riley out of his thoughts, and the result is an intimacy that extends even beyond the sex scenes.

“Don’t hurt yourself,” Evan murmurs, running his open hand over Riley’s bare head. Dropping his hand, he brackets Riley’s throat, not tight enough to do anything except pull focus to his grip. “I can do that for you.”

In only a few short days, Evan realizes that Riley is everything he’s ever wanted in a man. But Riley will return to touring and being a famous musician soon, and Evan will go back to his sick father and his boring life in a small town. And as much as he wants it, Evan can’t imagine a world where Riley might return the feelings Evan has developed during their few days together.

The long weekend in Chicago is perfect in every way, and every moment is exceptionally written. But once Evan returns to North Carolina, the pacing starts to fall apart, and I found myself wishing things would slow down. The emotions Evan felt would have had more impact on the conclusion if I’d had more time to savor them.

A really lovely, sexy novella by an author I really love! This story is currently free on Amazon and many other retailers, so I highly recommend getting a copy… and then go buy some of Amy’s other work, because her ability to write relationships is unparalleled!

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