Review: The Dryad of Callaire, by Saruuh Kelsey (Rating: 3.5/5)

kelsey-dryad-of-callaireThe Dryad of Callaire, by Saruuh Kelsey (The Legend Mirror, Book 2)
Publisher: Self-Published (August 18, 2015)
Page Count: 258 pages
Genre: Lesbian (F/F) Fantasy/Romance

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Summary: Yasmin and the Red are reeling from the fight with Discordia, and searching for answers. Who is Discordia? Why were they stealing Majick? And where have they taken Fray and Priscilla Hannam, a Legendary swept away in the midst of battle? To get them back, Yasmin will have to ally with both Gods and strangers, and go to extreme lengths.

My Thoughts: This is the second book in a trilogy, and it suffers from middle-book syndrome. Too much information, not enough action. Kelsey is setting up for the big finale in the third book, so most of Book Two is sitting around and looking for answers.

The good parts? The plot is interesting and unique, and the characters are great. It’s a YA novel, so don’t be surprised when the characters act like, well, young adults. And this series definitely checks all of the boxes on the Diversity Checklist!


But it is kinda boring, and there’s still a lot of confusion about the mythology, which I had hoped would be resolved after the info-dump in Book One. A lot of the plot was resolved with no actual effort from the characters. They have a problem, they sit around and complain because they can’t fix it, and then a deus ex machina (or literal God) swoops in to fix things.


But at the heart of the story is Yasmin’s internal conflict of whether she’s human or monster. She wants her girlfriend back, and wants life to back to normal, but she’s willing to unleash the creature inside her to get those things.

On the whole, this is an enjoyable book, and I’m very excited for the resolution and action to come in Book Three! I love how diverse it is, and hope to see more diversity in YA fiction someday soon.

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