Sick in Bed Books

I came down with an awful cold over the weekend, and have finally been sent home by the doctor. Since I’m out of work for the next couple of days, I’m pulling out my favorite comfort reads. These are the books that I read over and over, that always make me feel better.


Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, about a society that exists underneath London. I’m actually listening to the BBC production right now, with the voices of James McAvoy and Natalie Dormer (girl crush sigh).


I’m constantly amazed by how amazing The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is. I’ve read this book probably a dozen times, and every time it’s as good a read as the very first time I opened it. Magic and circuses and gorgeous characters, it’s perfection in book form!


Such a classic. Harry Potter literally changed my life, and I still have my first copy of The Sorcerer’s Stone (with pages falling out, water stains, and a few pen marks from where my youngest sister got ahold of it). Hmmm… I could really go for a Pepper-Up Potion right now! (PS, I’m a Hufflepuff. No shame!)

So now I’m going to curl up in bed with my tissues, Kindle, and heating pad. But I’d love to hear what other people’s favorite comfort reads are! What do you (re-)read when you’re feeling down or sick?

5 thoughts on “Sick in Bed Books

  1. Sincerely hope you are feeling better by now!! When I’m sick I barely ever read as I can’t concentrate. Haha. But I love the sound of the Neverwhere production because omg I crush on both James Mcavoy and Nat Dormer!!

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    • Thanks! I’m doing better, and back to work tomorrow (boo!). If you get a chance to listen to the radio play version, definitely do so, because the cast they assembled is absolutely spot-on perfect. It was available on BBC for a while, but it might be down now… but it’s almost certainly floating around the internet somewhere.


    • I have never ever been disappointed by a Neil Gaiman book. His writing is absolutely exceptional in every way, and Neverwhere is definitely my favorite (although American Gods is a close second). They actually made it into a miniseries several years ago, which was not awful, and I saw it on stage in Chicago a while back, which was brilliant.

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