Review: Demon of Mine, by Rayna Vause (Rating: 4/5)

vause-demon-of-mineDemon of Mine, by Rayna Vause
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (August 28, 2015)
Page Count: 182 pages
Genre: Gay (M/M) Romance/Paranormal

Rating: 4 out of 5

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This novel has been getting a lot of buzz on book blogs, so I’d been really looking forward to reading it! I finally got a chance to start on it today, and it seems like I just blinked and suddenly I was on the last page! Definitely a really fun, absorbing read.

As a collections demon, Zavier grants his “clients” one wish in exchange for their souls. His job sucks, but once you make a deal with Corporate South, they own you.

This was a really funny read, with a great plot. Heaven and hell have adapted to the 21st century; cell phones are a great way to get in touch with HQ, or to teleport from point A to point B, and contracts are filed by computer drones in cubicles. (Gives new meaning to the term ‘corporate hell’, right?!)

“Uh, sure. H-how do we do this? Do I need to say some type of special incantation? Offer up more blood?”

“No, just tell me what you want. This is demonology 2.0, the upgraded edition. We’ve phased out a lot of that old school, bodily fluids stuff.”

I loved Ryan, the young man who makes a deal with a demon in order to save his dying sister. He’s out of options, so he tries a summoning… but instead of brimstone and horns, he gets Zavier, a demon who’s not exactly great at his job. And Zavier is shocked to realize that he recognizes the man whose soul he’s about to put a contract on.

The romance here was really well done. The reincarnation plot was especially interesting, because Ryan didn’t immediately bow to fate and fall back in love with Zavier; he was skeptical, frustrated, and totally realistic in his reactions.

Zavier’s eyes slid shut. His love could sooth [sic] him with a simple caress. “My job sucks, but seeing you improved my day.”

“What fresh ‘hell’ did today bring?”

He winced, looking back into Ryan’s bottle green eyes. “Oh, that was awful.”

There were a few editing errors that had me frowning (at one point two characters have the same conversation twice over a span of a few pages, and there are a few plot holes that should have been closed), but the plot itself was a blast.

Definitely recommend checking out Rayna Vause, and I hope she writes other books in this universe in the future!

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