Review: Dark Economy, by M. Keedwell (Rating: 4/5)

keedwell-dark-economyDark Economy, by M. Keedwell
Publisher: Samhain Publishing (October 13, 2015)
Page Count: 287 pages
Genre: Historical, Mystery, Gay (M/M) Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5

* I received an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review. *

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Medical student Cadell Meredith has been known to acquire “volunteers” from the occasional pauper’s grave in order to improve his surgical skills. While the legality of this practice is a bit murky, he wouldn’t go so far as to call it out and out robbery.

His latest acquisition, however, is different. The body on his table was obviously healthy, wealthy—and murdered. Cadell feels compelled to seek justice for the dead man, but while dissection comes naturally to him, crime investigation is unfamiliar territory.

Furthermore, he’s caught the attention of one of those new police officers, Blaine Breton. A handsome, sentimental fool who insists Cadell is a criminal. A criminal! Cadell is the first to admit he’s no saint, but he’s no killer.

A marvelous game of cat and mouse ensues as Cadell seeks to expose the truth while hiding his own secrets. A task that grows ever more difficult as his desire for Breton grows…and the danger deepens.

My Review:

A historical crime drama loaded with tons of UST between two brilliant men on opposite sides of the law? Mmmh, yes please! Dark Economy was incredibly fun from start to finish, with a fantastic game of cat and mouse and a mystery that was expertly done.

“Well, maybe this will convince you to leave me the hell alone.”

Breton shot him a withering look. “I know you are involved, it is only a matter of time until I catch you.” (Kindle Loc. 1175)

Cadell Meredith is a medical student who is also, technically, a criminal. He digs up the graves of criminals in order to practice his surgical skills in secret late at night. Unfortunately for him, police officer Blaine Breton is on to him, and Breton doesn’t care about Cadell’s noble intentions. When one of Cadell’s corpses turns out to be an obviously wealthy– and obviously murdered– young man, Cadell feels obligated to investigate and find the killer, even with Breton doing everything possible to throw him in prison.

At first I didn’t like Cadell very much. He’s arrogant and selfish and totally full of himself. But he’s also brilliant and very good at his job, and he does seem to genuinely want to help people. He decides to investigate the murder that he discovers through whatever means necessary. But I did absolutely love Breton, the police officer who basically stalks Cadell. And the two of them have a great love-hate relationship, with plenty of sexual tension, but also sarcasm and wit.

[Breton] thumbed through the sheaf and hesitated over one. “Charming. The secrets of the fairer sex revealed. Can it be that you are a medical student?”

“Your powers of observation amazing me,” Cadell bit out. “You must truly be the pride of your company. (Kindle Loc. 397)

The mystery itself was really well done, and Cadell makes a great amateur detective, although there were a few times where I thought he was too good at his task. He seemed to have everything going for him; in addition to being a brilliant surgeon, he was pretty well versed in the illegal side of things.

I really hope that this is the beginning of a series, because I think the snark and banter between Breton and Cadell is incredibly well written, and I’d love to see more of them solving crimes together!

If you’re looking for a good historical mystery with a dash of romance, you should definitely check this book out!

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