Book Conventions and Other Fun Things; Or, why I’m sad I’m not at #GRL2015 (but also happy!)


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My twitter is exploding right now with news and pictures from Gay Rom Lit (GRL) 2015, a gathering for writers, publishers, and fans of LGBT romance. It’s taking place right now in San Diego, and I want with all of my soul to be there, having fun and meeting authors that I love and respect. But, much like in previous years, I am unable to attend.

I rarely talk about myself on my blog, but for good reason: I kind of really can’t. I do contract work for the U.S. Army, and am currently overseas, so I can’t talk about my job or where I am in detail. Even the pictures I post have to be carefully scrutinized to make sure there are no identifying features.


(hint, there’s water nearby!)

I’ve been overseas off and on for five years now on various bases, which means I’ve missed a lot of amazing events. I do attend San Diego Comic Con most years, which requires a lot of planning (and some very expensive plane tickets), but smaller events like GRL, RT Booklovers, Book Expo America, and other geek cons have to be missed.

So I’m sad this year to be missing out on all the fun.


Because this December, I’M MOVING BACK TO THE UNITED STATES! I finally have a return date, plane tickets are being purchased in the next few days, and I’m looking forward to being home with my family in time for Christmas. More than that, though, I’m looking forward to finally attending all of these fun conventions, meeting fellow bloggers and my favorite authors!


I might be going overboard, but I’m already looking forward to lots of great events in 2016. I’m planning to attend BEA in Chicago in May, SDCC in July (probably for the last time, sob!), and hopefully GRL next autumn. I’m contemplating going to RT Booklovers in Vegas, although that one’s a bit more expensive than the rest.

rt booklovers

So mostly this is a post for me to ramble about how excited I am to rejoin Book Society. Only 62 more days until I’m back in the US… for good this time, I hope!

And if any fellow bloggers are planning to attend any events in 2016, please let me know if you want to meet up! (Or share a hotel room… pretty sure the only way I can afford RT Booklovers is if I get a roommate…)


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3 thoughts on “Book Conventions and Other Fun Things; Or, why I’m sad I’m not at #GRL2015 (but also happy!)

    • Don’t be scared! But yes, super exciting. My sister literally shrieked in my ear when I phoned home to tell her. I’ve missed so much in the last few years, and while I don’t regret it, I definitely look forward to being done with it!


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