Military Short Stories, Week 2: “Venetian Skies” by Morticia Knight & “Search and Rescue” by Jenna Byrnes


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This is Part Two of Three featuring military short stories, originally published in the Aim High anthology and now being published on their own. I’ll be posting two novella reviews each week. (You can find Part One here.)

Today is Veterans Day where I live (and it will be in a few hours in the United States), and I want to highlight the service men and women around the world who put their lives on the line in the name of freedom. And even soldiers deserve love, right?

knight-venetian-skiesVenetian Skies, by Morticia Knight
Buy Link:
Pride Publishing (Nov. 10, 2015)
Rating: ★★★½

No one wants to lose a love that’s meant to be. Air Force test pilot, Chris Pierce, returns to Italy to discover that second chances are the sweetest.

Second changes at love are a trope that I love to read about, and I think the military base setting is a perfect one to show this, because military often get reassigned and sent all over the world. So when Chris returns to Italy, he thinks that he’s returning to bad memories after his ex-boyfriend said he wasn’t ready for a committed relationship. Instead, he finds that Brandon has been waiting for him, hoping that someday he’ll return.

This story was extremely sweet. Super, super adorable, with two men who really want to be together and are finally getting the chance to do so. I was a bit confused going in, and it took me a little while to figure out what was going on, but after that I was able to really enjoy the story. There is a LOT of sex though, for such a short story, and I feel like we were cheated a bit on emotions and backstory in favor of bedroom scenes.

byrnes-search-rescueSearch and Rescue, by Jenna Byrnes
Buy Link: Pride Publishing (Nov. 10, 2015)
Rating: ★★½

Two parajumpers freefall into a stealthy relationship before considering how quickly it might come crashing to an end.

This is another story about how relocation in the military can affect relationships. Matt is in training to become a parajumper, and his dream is to be assigned to the 58th unit. During training, he meets Drake, also with the 58th, and the attraction is instant. But when Matt’s assignment turns out to be on the other side of the country, some difficult decisions have to be made.

I like the story and the characters a lot, but I think Drake’s character was never really explained. He’s a jerk, and Matt is reluctant for about five seconds before falling into bed with him, but the fact that he’s a jerk is never resolved. I also wasn’t a fan of the sex scenes… the language was just not interesting or sexy to me. But that’s a personal opinion, not necessarily a reflection of the author’s writing ability.

Overall it was enjoyable, but not fantastic.

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