Book Review by Mel: Risk Return by Aleksandr Voinov

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Risk Return, by Aleksandr Voinov
Series: Return on Investment, Book #2
Publisher: 44 Raccoons (Self-Published)
Release Date: April 15 2016

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Six years ago, young and bright investment professional Martin David got exactly what he wanted—a relationship with Francis de Bracy, his boss at investment fund Skeiron Capital Partners. Having now started their own business in Germany’s banking capital Frankfurt, Martin and Francis’s life is sweet and easy.

Until the Jesuit Emanuel, Francis’s former mentor and teacher, shows up unbidden and unwelcome. Emanuel brings with him a devil’s deal: Charles de Bracy, one of Francis’s most unforgiving enemies, has sent the Jesuit to broker peace between himself and Francis. And Emanuel does not come empty-handed—Charles is offering Francis the family fortune if Francis travels to the US and reconciles with his estranged father.

Martin knows how proud and headstrong Francis is. No amount of money will bend his will. But as toxic as the past is, maybe facing it will finally give Francis peace. Yet, if Charles is anything like his son, he’s a formidable foe, and Francis’s scars and bitterness run so deep a billion might not be enough to even the scores.

Risk Return is the sequel to Return on Investment.


Contemporary Romance
M/M Pairing
Workplace (Finance)



Risk Return is the sequel to Return on Investment, which was one of my favourite books in 2015 and to which you can read my review here22057956

This book takes place 6 years after the first book and, simply spoken, it was a perfect follow-up.

I’m amazed how Aleks managed to revive the protagonists Martin and Francis and how he not only made me believe that they were the same characters but that he showed them how they had changed and evolved over the last 6 years. That’s actually really special, I would say.

Martin has grown into his own, has become confident in himself and over the course of the book becomes more and more secure in his relationship with Francis as he sees what he himself has to offer him.

As we watch them maneuvering both their families and old business acquaintances, we believe in their love for each other and in their future.

It was especially a joy to witness how far Francis has evolved. This made me unbelievably happy because it was palpable how much it took out of him and how he came out the better man regardless. I loved that so very much.

I want to mention the beautiful love scenes and kisses between the two because they were arousing me not only physically but, more important in this case, also emotionally, and I’m always a little stunned when that happens while reading a book. It’s a bit rare, to be honest.

Compared to Return on Investment, Risk Return is less thrilling and less consuming but not at all boring or less because of it. I enjoyed reading it very much. I recommend both books heartily. They are special gems and not to be missed.


Aleksandr Voinov is an emigrant German author living near London, where he works as a financial editor, writing coach, and complementary therapist. Voinov has written more than a dozen novels and commercially published five print books with German publishers. After many years working in the horror, science fiction, cyberpunk and fantasy genres, Voinov is now primarily writing contemporary and historical erotic gay fiction.

His characters are often scarred lonely souls at odds with their environment and pitted against odds that make or break them. He described the perfect ending for his books as “the characters make it out alive, but at a terrible cost, usually by the skin of their teeth. I want to see what’s at the core of them, and stripping them down to that core is rarely pleasant for them. But it does make them wiser, and often stronger people.” 

Readers my also enjoy other books by the author which can be found on his website.

You can buy Risk Return on Amazon.

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