Book Review by Pixie: Spring Fling, by Sean Ashcroft

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Spring Fling, by Sean Ashcroft
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: January 15, 2017

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


Days before the start of Spring semester, astrophysics professor Spencer Harris meets the man of his dreams. Sexy, funny, and as much of a nerd as he is, Jesse is perfect, and the prospect of getting to know him better after their amazing night together is the best thing that’s happened to him in years.

That is, until he turns up in Spencer’s office as the new visiting professor.

All of Jesse’s wishes have come true at once–a new job, new town, and new romantic interest who’s cute, smart, and really, really good in bed. Except it turns out that he’s about to share an office with him, and that means they’re both stuck with the college’s fraternization policy. Neither of them can afford to risk their jobs, so they’ll just have to wonder what might have been if they’d met some other time.

But Spencer looks really good when he bends over. And Jesse’s habit of sucking on pens is really distracting. And it’s not as if anyone would ever have to know…

But secrets have a way of getting out. Star-crossed lovers have a way of getting caught.

What happens when you meet the right man at the wrong time?

Spring Fling is a standalone gay romance with a HEA, and does not end on a cliffhanger. However, it does contain astrophysics lectures, forbidden love, explicit sex scenes, and a carnivorous plant.


M/M Pairing
Gay Character
Bisexual Character
Contemporary Romance


Spring Fling was my third KU book by Sean Ashcroft. Initially I felt that this book would be a four star review. I liked the initial meeting between Spencer and Jesse. Something about them meeting at a club made the instant attraction not feel like insta-luv to me. I thought the pacing of their relationship made sense. The two are thrown for a loop when they find out Jesse is a newly hired Professor at the same University Spencer is close to receiving tenure at. My initial reaction to finding out they were co-workers at a University with a strict policy against co-workers dating was to roll my eyes but I think it ended up adding an initial road block that stopped the relationship from being too easy. I think without it there would have been nothing for the two to work past. While I did think the relationship still went too smoothly even with all the sneaking around I didn’t get bored…until 70%.

This seems to happen with Sean Ashcroft books for me. From 70% on I felt…kind of bored. I basically knew what was going to happened and how the two could resolve this workplace issue. For 20% I just patiently waited for these two geniuses to get with the program. There were two separations we were told about that lasted a few days each but….seriously…meh.

And yet….I’m still three starring it. As far as KU books go it is a better one in the genre. Sean Ashcroft is a strong writer & this book showed growth. The book is sweet and would be a good break if you’d been reading a lot of angst and just wanted something Hallmarky.  Jesse and Spencer did their best to treat each other well and do the right thing for everyone involved.


Sean Ashcroft is a M/M romance author who lives with a cat and an increasing number of boxes of tea (please don’t tell the other authors he doesn’t drink coffee). He writes stories about men in need of a happily ever after, just so he can give them one.

Hopefully, you’ll like reading them as much as he likes writing them.

If you like, you can friend him on Facebook and follow him on Amazon!

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