Book Review by Nicole: Behind Bars, by Meredith Katz

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Behind Bars, by Meredith Katz
Series: Pandemonium, Book #2
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Release Date: February 15, 2017

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


The city of Dolana has kept itself free from demonic rule the hard way: by interrogating its citizens and sending anyone who could possibly be under demonic influence to the Inquisition. City innkeeper Pelerin is happy to help out however he can—after all, he lost his beloved wife to demons many years earlier, leaving him to raise their son on his own. If anyone deserves to have a grudge against demons, it’s him.

But when his now-adult son disagrees with his actions, he is forced to reexamine the past. Is he doing the right thing, when it could lead—has led—to the deaths of innocents? Why is his son skulking about, and what secrets is he keeping? And while Pel’s hands are full with this, a stranger comes to stay at his inn… a stranger who makes the question more relevant than Pel ever imagined would be possible.


Bisexual/Pansexual Characters
Enemies to Lovers
Persecution of a Species


I absolutely loved the last book in this series, and am really happy that the print version of Behind Bars is a compilation of both books in the Pandemonium series. In the first book, we met a young man addicted to sleeping with incubi and succubi, but we don’t get a great deal of the world apart from that.

In this book, we get so much more of the world, though from a different area, one in which demons are not allowed to go. Palerin is employed as an informant on his fellow townsmen. This is… an incredibly pertinent plot point in the current political climate, and I thought that a lot of the questions that Pal was asked by newcomer, Tari, were incredibly pertinent. Pal definitely could use his mind being opened up more than a little.

The thing that disappointed me in this book is that I didn’t really like any of the main characters, or didn’t feel I got enough of the ones I did like. Kip and Pal’s son were the gay relationship that I really wanted to be following in this story. This wasn’t just because Kip was an adorable cat familiar, I swear it >.>

Meredith Katz does very well in including varying sexualities in her stories. I particularly liked the depiction of Tari’s gender identity. It makes perfect sense that a demon wouldn’t bother to subscribe to such human ideas on gender. The physical descriptions were also really well done.

As I loved reading the first book in the series, I particularly liked the call back to Prince Hrahez and Potfeld again at the very end. Made me just want to go back and pick up The Cobbler’s Soleless Son for a reread.


Meredith Katz started writing around the same time she started to walk, a 6 page ‘book’ called “The Baby Dragon” (spoilers, there was an egg, it hatched, and then there was a baby dragon). She hasn’t stopped since, and after many years of writing slash and femslash fanfiction, she is only too excited to share her original fiction. She lives in beautiful BC, Canada with her gorgeous fiancee and adorably nerdy cat.

Twitter: MeredithAKatz

You can purchase Behind Bars from:

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I received an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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