Book Review by El: Shadow’s Seduction, by Kresley Cole (DNF)

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Shadow’s Seduction, by Kresley Cole
Series: Immortals After Dark #17
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: February 28, 2017

Rating: DNF at 16*%

A night of debauchery . . .
Prince Mirceo Daciano and his new friend, Caspion the Tracker, comb the streets of Dacia, drunkenly seeking out pleasures of the flesh. In what should have been a typical night, they coax a bevy of nymphs to bed. To impress their females, the demon and the vampire kiss on a dare.

Changes them forever . . .
Once they finally break away from their soul-searing kiss, they find themselves alone–and shaken. Had they imagined their explosive chemistry? Obstacles–ranging from a death sentence to exile in a war-torn dimension–threaten to destroy their lives . . . and the vulnerable promise in that one kiss.

How long can they resist the fire that blazes between them?
Even if Mirceo accepts Caspion as his fated mate, the seductive vampire still must convince the stubborn demon that their bond is forever. And any royal Dacian union must receive the blessing of King Lothaire, an unpredictable and savage killer. . . .

M/M Pairing
M/F Pairing (Background)
Pansexual Character
Straight Character*
Paranormal Romance
Friends to Lovers?

* as I did not finish this book, I am not sure what orientation Cas may eventually go by. At the point of DNF’ign, he still considered himself straight.

This book was so unreadable that I couldn’t even make it 1/5 the way through before I had to give up. I normally enjoy Kresley Cole, and I was over the moon to read her first M/M, but this… this was neither a good example of a KC book, nor a good M/M romance.

Where to begin?

1: Gay For You

I hate this trope. Anyone who genuinely gives a damn about queer people should, in my opinion, also hate this trope. It’s insulting and blatantly erases bisexual/pansexual people.

Cas repeatedly, emphatically states that he is straight. “I will never desire another male,” he says at one point. And again, even earlier in the book: “He was straight, which the prince would have gathered if he’d truly watched Cas in action.”

Look, maybe this gets resolved later, and Cas accepts his bisexuality. But it wasn’t actually the repeated emphasis on Cas’ heterosexuality that bothered me… it was that Mirceo CONSTANTLY IGNORES THIS.

“Is he a favorite of any gents?”
“Inflexibly htero.”
“Is he, then?” Mirceo had smiled. “I like a challenge. He’ll become the conquest of conquests.”

If a guy tells you that he’s not interested, STOP FUCKING TRYING TO FORCE HIM TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU. It went way beyond playful flirting. Cas said he wasn’t interested, and Mirceo insisted that he could change his mind.

2: This is a common thing in KC’s books– and, indeed, in PNR in general– but I abhor the use of the word “females” to describe people. It’s demeaning and relegates them to nothing more than objects. I get that these aren’t human characters, but “female” is an adjective, not a noun, at least in my world.

3: The plot: Or, I should say, what plot? 16% in and Mirceo proclaims that they “finish each other’s sentences,” that their “minds seem to by synced,” and that they “trust one another.” This is never once shown on page. In fact, what happens in the first 16% is a whirlwind of random events, in which more than 500 years apparently pass in a single page?

I’ll admit, I was so confused by what was going on (and, y’know, not going on) that I just gave up. I made it to the start of Chapter Four, at which point I left myself the following note, closed the book, and refused to open it again:


I do not and cannot recommend this. Not for fans of Kresley Cole, and not for fans of M/M paranormal romance.

[Side note, I did read the previous book in this series, Sweet Ruin. I even typed a review up for it. Solid 3.5 or 4 star read, and proof that KC can and does write enjoyable PNR. So whatever happened with this one, I don’t think it’s any judgement on her talent as an author overall.]

Kresley Cole is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the electrifying Immortals After Dark paranormal series, the young adult Arcana Chronicles series, the erotic Gamemakers series, and five award-winning historical romances.

A master’s grad and former athlete, she has traveled over much of the world and draws from those experiences to create her memorable characters and settings.

Her IAD books have been translated into 23 foreign languages, garnered 3 RITA awards, a Hall of Fame induction, and consistently appear on the bestseller lists, in the U.S. and abroad.

Cole lives in Florida with her family.

Find Kresley online at:

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I received a copy of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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