Double Book Review by Rita: Ghosts & Arrivals, by J.M. Frey

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Ghosts & Arrivals by J.M. Frey

Ghosts, by J.M. Frey
Release Date: April 4, 2016
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Arrivals, by J.M. Frey
Release Date: May 23, 2017
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Series: The Accidental Turn
Publisher: REUTS Publications



For seventeen years, Bevel Dom has been the author of his own story. Or, rather, he’s been the author of The Tales of Kintyre Turn, the illustrated scrolls chronicling his adventures as first the squire, then the colleague, and then finally the friend of legendary hero Kintyre Turn. But there are some stories that Bevel doesn’t write down, doesn’t tell to eager audiences of bright-eyed boys and sighing bar wenches in taverns. Some he simply folds into his heart and keeps. This is one of those tales.

In this prequel novella, fans of The Accidental Turn Series are offered a glimpse into the lives of Bevel Dom and Kintyre Turn shortly before their arrival at Turn Hall and the events that follow, further expanding upon the world and characters seen in The Untold Tale and the sequel, The Forgotten Tale, released Summer 2016.


After seventeen years of adventuring, Bevel Dom and Kintyre Turn are finally returning home.

Forsyth Turn—brother to Bevel’s long-time questing partner and newly Paired lover—has left both Hain and a hell of a lot of responsibility behind. He’s bequeathed the Shadow’s Mask and position of the king’s spymaster to Bevel, and the seat of Lysse Chipping to Kintyre. It’s a lot to take on, and it will mean an end to questing forever if they do.

But it might also mean a chance for Bevel and Kintyre to find a Happily Ever After of their own.

Unfortunately, Turn Hall seems to be infested with eligible young maidens out to snatch away the freshly returned Lord of Lysse, determined to destroy the fragile happiness that Bevel has built. Faced with more decisions than he was prepared for, Bevel battles with foes unfamiliar, making him wonder if life on the road really wasn’t all that bad.

But if there’s one thing Bevel Dom isn’t afraid to do, it’s fight for the man he loves.

An Accidental Turn novella set between The Untold Tale and The Forgotten Tale, Arrivals follows Kintyre Turn and Bevel Dom as they step into Forsyth’s vacated life and face the surprising responsibilities he’s left in his wake.


M/M Pairing
Bisexual Characters

Unrequited Love </3
Alternate Universe

Established Relationship
Identity Crisis
Overcoming Self-Doubt

Book Review by Rita

I am a big fan of The Accidental Turn series. If you haven’t read it but would like to know more, check out my review of the first two books hereWhen I finished reading The Forgotten Tale I wanted to know more of Kintyre and Bevel’s story so you can imagine my delight when I learned about these novellas.

Just as with The Untold Tale and The Forgotten Tale, Frey continues the story in the gorgeous world she has built. This is the stuff of epic fantasies but written for the modern reader. If high fantasy is your thing I urge you to consider giving these books a try. I found it effortless to get completely lost in the story as if I were one of the characters, adventuring, fighting evil-doers, and falling in love.


Oh how my heart aches for Bevel Dom as the unresolved sexual tension in this prequel is so intense it nearly brought me to tears. Bevel is a bard who has become well known for the tales he tells of his and Kintyre’s adventures but what he never writes down is just how strongly he feels for his hero. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you felt that the feelings you have for your crush were unrequited then this story will really hit home for you. Being an outsider looking in, I wished I could talk to Bevel to show him some of the signs from Kin that he just wasn’t seeing. If you are familiar with this type of situation you’ll know that it’s sometimes hard to get a clear picture of what your love interest is thinking when there are so many thoughts of doubt running through your mind. For a fantasy, I felt that the emotions Bevel shares with us were completely relatable and written extremely well. It almost feels hopeless at times, and I don’t want to spoil you, but I will say that reading the other books would be a wise way to get through this and not feel completely gutted by the ending.

Because that’s just the thing. The book just ends and I was like “Noooooooo” because I needed to know more. Surely it couldn’t end there, right? But in order to fit with the timeline it had to so you’ll be relieved to know that there is more in the second novella and it’s already available.


Okay so if you’ve gotten this far then you know that Bevel finally gets his man and oh, my dear Writer, it is everything I wanted and more. For me, this is an important novella because until now we don’t know any of the specifics on how everything went down between them. This book takes place between the first and second in the main series so, yes, there is still more story to tell but we’re going to have to wait until the series continues to get it.

I think I highlighted half of this book because it was so wonderful to see Bevel’s relief and pure joy at the fact that everything finally seems to be working out in his favor. Or is it? Once again, I really liked how Frey has incorporated real life hang ups into this fictional world. They’re finally settling down and Bevel doesn’t want to be the sidekick always doing things for Kin, but he does still want to feel needed. He’s not sure about being the Shadowhand but doesn’t want anyone to take the mask away. Poor Bevel Dom doesn’t seem to know how to express exactly what he wants and it shows just how much Kin deeply loves him with how patient and understanding he is in all of this. I really felt for Bevel as he tries to find his place as Kintyre’s equal partner in their new life together, and although I expected a lot of angst-ridden drama when Bevel does eventually get the words out I was pleased to see it remain drama-free for the most part.

After spending so many years on the road I thought it understandable that they would doubt their new positions and what gave me the faith to carry on was how in love they are with each other. It really felt like no matter what gets thrown their way, they’ll be able to figure it out.

Overall I think Frey does an incredible job of describing the details with vivid clarity. Between that, the worldbuilding and the unique storyline I feel this is an A+ series and I can’t wait to read more of it.


Author J.M. FreyA trained voice actor and singer, Frey is an author, actor, and professional geek. She is a professional smartypants on AMI Radio’s Live From Studio 5 morning show, is an occasional talking head on the SPACE Channel’s premier chat show InnerSPACE, has appeared in documentaries, lived in Japan, and lent costumes to the Ontario Science Centre. She also has a number of academic credentials, including a BA in Dramatic Literature and an MA in Communications Culture, and has lectured at the Pop Culture Association of America’s Annual Conference (San Francisco), at the University of Cardiff’s ‘Whoniversal Appeal’ Conference, and the Technology and Pedagogy Conference at York University. Frey’s dream is to one day sing a duet with John Barrowman.

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I received a complimentary copy of Ghosts from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review, and I paid for Arrivals with my own bank.


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