DMac Goes to Comic Con

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DMac Goes to San Diego Comic Con

… well, two days worth of Comic Con, but that was more than I had planned on so I was STOKED! Thanks to El, I got to attend for Wednesday and Saturday at the con, but I went in woefully under-prepared. Luckily El is a con expert, and she helped me get the most of my days (re: books/swag).

Technically I wasn’t there as part of the blog, but I still wanted to help El do some stuff for the site. I was able to get some good book information for Just Love, and snag some ARCs to read for my personal book review blog. I love to read, so this wasn’t a chore. I would have been all up in the book section even if I didn’t write for Just Love. Books are awesome!

I was only there for two days so I’m just going to break this post down by day instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

Wednesday (Night)

This night is called Preview Night because you can run around and buy stuff early and get some swag without all of the big crowds. This is the night that El and I talked to a lot of publishers. It was easier because there were fewer people, and there were no signings so there weren’t a bunch of lines, so you could actually have a proper conversation with the people at the booth. I know some people might find business stuff boring, but I enjoyed talking books with the professionals. They love books just as much as we do, so they were excited to talk about their upcoming books.

If I get to go next year (fingers crossed) I’m going to do more preparation so I can really know what books and publishers are coming out. California doesn’t have much in the way of proper book conventions, so this and Wonder Con are kind of a big deal for me. We do have the Los Angeles Festival of Books, but the focus of that is more on selling books and seeing authors talk. Still really cool, don’t get me wrong, but if you work for a book blog you want to talk publishing, and there’s not much of that there.

An unprofessional side note: I bought a Wonder Woman tank from the HerUniverse booth that has been sold out online forever and I love it so much. It was sold out by Saturday, so I’m glad I got to go in Weds and poke around. I didn’t buy much other stuff so this was my “big purchase” of the con.


This day involved a lot more swag getting than being a professional. I mean, I still talked to book people, but there were ARCs and Marvel stuff to be snagged, so can you blame me?

My Girl

Also Saturday is filled with all the big panels doing signings, other events and flash giveaways, so it’s pretty much impossible to get anything done. Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday are better for interacting with the people at booths, because they don’t have so much going on. So for me Saturday was for just wandering around getting swag and seeing what I could see.

Giant Robots vs Other Stuff: My dream movie series

I ended up getting an arc of the Leigh Bardugo Wonder Woman book and got to talk to Del Rey about the upcoming Lore book by Aaron Mahnke. If you’ve been reading my reviews in particular, you might have figured out that I am a huge mythology/lore nerd, so I am super psyched about his book and upcoming TV show (!!!!!!).  El and I also were privileged to have a quick chat with the author Rachel Ignotofsky about her book Women in Sports: 50 Fearless Athletes Who Played to WinThis features some stunning art and inspiring stories of female athletes.

I would have gone to panels but like I said I was pretty unprepared, so I went in blind and just did what I could do in the spur of the moment. This was a lot of fun, but if I get to go again I’d like to go to some panels and author autograph sessions. Panels would be great to review for the blog because some are targeted specifically for Queer audiences (ie, The LGBTQ Geek Year in Review).*

I’m digging the use of literary characters as protest/counterprotest

I ended my day with the Stranger Things/Defenders walkthrough/experience. They had costumes and props for the show along with giveaways and photo ops. It was a lot of fun, even though it was a bit of a wait to get in (re: all of Comic Con). For the record, I am Team!Barb… feel free to flail at me.


The biggest difference for me this Comic Con was the fact that I was helping El do professional things for the blog. It was really awesome to be able to talk to publishers about upcoming books and our site.

Make sure you guys come back here to read upcoming reviews of LGBTQA+ books/graphic novels from publishers such as Oni Press,  Tor Publishing, and Penguin Random House (to name a few). There are going to be a lot of exciting books coming out in the next few months so be prepared!!

This might be a hint of something I am working on… 

*GLAAD actually writes guides for LGBTQA+ activities and panels in and around Comic Con  so next year I’d like to go to a few of these and report back here.

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