El Goes to FlameCon!

Apologies, a gitch in our blog’s media library means all of my images for this post have gone missing! Please be patient while I attempt to find the backups and re-upload them.

This past weekend (August 19-20) was Flame Con, the annual queer comic con held in Brooklyn, NY! This was my second year attending, and I’m honestly so excited to see how much it’s grown! 2017 brought more attendees, more artists, and more fascinating panels, turning this into the queerest and most amazing weekend of my year!

Flame Con is a must-attend for any fan of queer comics and art, so I’d love to give you a tiny glimpse into the con itself and the fantastic time that I had there… and hopefully help convince you to join me in NYC in 2018!

Let me start with my favorite part of Flame Con: The Exhibitors Hall!

Row after row of tables fills up the ballroom at the Brooklyn Marriott, and everywhere you look is the most amazing art, rainbows, costumes, and talented comic creators. It’s basically Queer Toys ‘R Us.

FlameCon 2015 (via flamecon.org)

This year, some of my favorite comic artists were in attendance… including Ngozi, the author and artist behind Check Please! (If you didn’t already know that I was an enormous hockey nerd, this will probably clue you in.) But I also got to meet Hamlet Machine, who writes Starfighter [NSFW]; Austin Chant, author of Peter Darling, and so many more.

Of course, it’s not just about spending money (though let’s be realistic: I spent a lot of money. My walls and bookshelves, however, are now at least 400% More Queer. So worth it.)

There are also dozens of really fascinating panels, on just about every topic related to queer art, comics, and writing that you can imagine:

That’s just a tiny fraction of the schedule and amazing guests that appeared at Flame Con this year. Among the panels that I went to were: “Revenge of the Queer: Canonically Straight Characters Occupying Queer Spaces”, which was a fan-centric panel about queerbaiting and canon allocishet characters who are often viewed as queer by fans; “Telling Our Stories” which discussed the need for an increase in positive portrayals of queer characters; and more!

And, I can’t forget the Cosplayers! You can see a ton of them over at The Mary Sue.

So what’d I come home with?

Probably too much. (Wait, no, there’s no such thing as too much queer art!)

Taproot by Keezy YoungI got copies of Peter Darling by Austin Chant, and Taproot by Keezy Young. The former is a queer Peter Pan retelling (novel) while the latter is a comic about a boy who’s a gardener and his ghost boyfriend! *hearteyes*

I also found some amazing indie comics:

“Fresh Ice” by Molly Brooks is a look into the National Women’s Hockey League, one of the few professional sports leagues that embraces its openly queer players.

“Hawthorn & Snapdragon” by Rel. I got an unfinished copy of this last year, so of course I had to buy the completed version about a boy who meets a witch in the woods behind his house!

“Hurdle!” Vol. 1 and 2 by Ngozi. These one-page comics and drawings from her Check Please! series are intimate and gorgeous, and can’t be found online.

A few other artists that I plan to check out now that I’m home (and you should check out too):

Kevin Jay Stanton: kevinjaystanton.com
Shauna Draws: shaunadraws.com
Aimee Fleck: aimeefleck.com
Ashanti Fortson: ashantifortson.com
The comic “Magical Boy Basil

The two days I spent in NYC flew by way too quickly, but it was a really excellent weekend. I met up with a good friend, got some famous raw cookie dough, wandered my old neighborhood a bit, and didn’t sleep nearly enough.

But now I’m already looking forward to 2018!

Will I see you there?

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