SPORTS SUNDAY: Tiffany Reisz talks baseball… and books!

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El and DMac have teamed up to bring you a September full of baseball-themed Sports Sunday posts! Every weekend for the next month, we’ll highlight the intersection of ‘queer’ and ‘baseball’, from the MLB to our favorite authors and beyond.

Today we’re excited to welcome author Tiffany Reisz to the site. Tiffany is the author of The Original Sinners series, The Night Mark, and the upcoming Michael’s Wings— and more! She’s also an avid baseball fan, and has been known to overlap her writing and her love for the sport.

Welcome Tiffany!

Thank you so much for joining us today… to talk baseball instead of books (Or maybe baseball and books?) as part of our Sports Sunday feature!

You’re a pretty big baseball fan—what’s your favorite team, and how did you get into the sport?

The Chicago Cubs. I’m a Cubs fan by way of marriage. When Andrew and I got together, he pretty much warned me I’d have to become a Cubs fan to put up with him. The game is on every single day in our house. I always liked baseball but in a vague sort of “Field of Dreams is a great movie” way. Once Andrew started taking me to games, I caught on pretty quickly. Now I know some stats and most of the terminology. I sat next to a man from the UK at one Cubs game, his very first game. I explained it to him and he caught on really fast. He told me the craziest thing. Even though there’s no baseball in the UK, people still use the “base” system for fooling around. Third base is still third base over there if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I also read a couple great baseball books. There’s nothing like a sports memoir to really make the game come to life for you.

In the past, you’ve tweeted as some of your book characters as though they’re attending the baseball game you’re watching! How did the idea for this come about?

I’m not sure. I just started doing it at a game once and it cracked my followers up. Well, some of them. I’m sure the followers who didn’t read my books were confused as heck. It’s just fun to imagine these weird, wild, kinky characters doing something so normal and all-American like sitting at a baseball game and cracking wise like Andrew (my husband) and I do when we’re at games.

Which of your characters is the biggest baseball fan—and what team do they root for?

It’s canon that Griffin in the Original Sinners series is a Mets fan. When Nora runs away from Søren in The Virgin, she puts on a Mets hat to hide her hair. She thinks she needs to buy a Mets hat because Griffin would be disappointed in her if she wore a Yankees hat.

My favorite all-time player is R.A. Dickey, the famous knuckleball pitcher who won a Cy Young Award (it’s like the Oscar of pitching) when he pitched for the Mets. Of course I put Griffin into a Dickey jersey in “Michael’s Wings” because if anyone is going to wear a jersey with “Dickey” stamped on the back it’s Griffin.

I know baseball sneaks it’s way into your books sometimes, but any chance you’ll write a baseball romance someday?

Andrew and I have talked about co-writing a baseball romance but I just haven’t had the time yet. In my head I wrote a baseball romance between a baseball player from the Dominican Republic who looks just like Big Papi David Ortiz and a romance writer researching baseball who looked suspiciously like me…but I’m probably not going to write that. I’ll keep that book up inside my brain.

What’s the best part about being a baseball fan? (And, of course, what’s the worst?)

The best part about being a baseball fan is that it’s just fun. It’s pure fun. It’s a game. The players are big kids playing in a fancy sandlot. Baseball riots are rare. You see much more fighting in hockey. There’s 162 regular season games every year so no one game is worth fighting over. Also, the pants. I love baseball pants. R.A. Dickey knows how to wear his baseball pants. He wears them tight with his socks up, not down. Too many of the younger guys are walking around in loose yoga pants. Dudes, you’re world-class athletes, okay? If any men can wear tight pants, it’s you guys!

The worst part of being a baseball fan if that you actually start to care about the outcome of games. Romance writer that I am, I read all the personal stories about the players. I know which players have survived battles with cancers. I know which players have tattoos commemorating siblings and best friends who died too young. I know which players are playing to give hope to a parent who is terminally ill. Once you know that stuff, each games starts to feel personal. If the Cubs are playing and the score is tied, it’s almost too stressful for me to watch. Andrew just shouts the score at me from the other room.

Which brings me back to the best thing about being a baseball fan—it’s something my husband and I can do together.

A few quick questions:

Favorite food while watching a game (or at a stadium)?  Soft serve chocolate ice cream out of a tiny batting helmet!

Favorite player on your team?  Javy Baez, El Mago. Google “Javy Suave Slide” and watch him do his magic.

Favorite player on an opposing team?  R.A. Dickey. His memoir Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity, and the Perfect Knuckleball is fantastic. Couldn’t put it down.  I fell for him hard when Andrew and I hit a Braves game when we were at RT this year. He says that if he wasn’t playing baseball, he’d probably be an English teacher. He’s known for always having novels in his locker. My kind of guy!

Favorite sports romance (any sport!)?  It’s not a book but I’d be lying to the world if I answered with anything other than Bull Durham. There’s a whole heck of a lot of Annie Savoy in Mistress Nora.

Any baseball fans out there? Talk to us about your favorite team, your favorite players, or your favorite stadium food!

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And check out Michael’s Wings by Tiffany Reisz (out Nov. 7) for sexy, kink romantic shorts… and maybe a little bit of baseball:

Griffin has just popped the question—yes, that question—and Michael doesn’t have an answer. He flees town for New Orleans to see his confidante and sometime-Domme, Mistress Nora. Will a weekend of beignets and beatings help him untangle his knotted-up heart?

Thus begins Michael’s Wings, the eponymous novella that kicks off the latest entry in Tiffany Reisz’s LAMBDA Literary Award-winning* Original Sinners series.

This companion collection to fan-favorite The Angel also contains six previously-published stories starring Mistress Nora’s favorite angel and Griffin—his master, his true love, and the sexy-as-hell bane of Michael’s existence.

NOTE: If you haven’t read the Original Sinners series, this collection of connected short stories and novellas isn’t the place to begin! Start with The Siren (available now from Mira Books).


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