September Theme Month: Women in Queer Sci-Fi & Fantasy!

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Introducing our September Theme Month on Just Love: Women in Queer Sci-Fi & Fantasy! 

Throughout the next four weeks, we’re excited to bring you posts from some incredible SFF authors who are writing kickass leading ladies.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

September 5 ~~~ Katherine Locke, author of The Girl With the Red Balloon
September 7 ~~~ Seanan McGuire, author of Every Heart a Doorway (and more!)

Dates TBA:
Sarah Gailey
R.E. Stearns
Michelle Osgood
Amanda Foody
Gail Carriger
RoAnna Sylver
… and more!

We hope you’ll come back throughout the month to see all of our guest posts, interviews, and discussion topics! I’ll update this post as our dates are confirmed.

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Is there a woman in Queer SFF that you want to rave about? Let us  know in the comments, or drop us a tweet!

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