Just Love Reviews Presents: Santino’s Traveling Book

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We’ve been very bad here at Just Love Reviews. Just the fact that we nearly titled this blog post “Surprise! Look How We’ve Defaced Your Pristine Manuscript, Santino!” should clue you in as to just how bad.  But let me assure you that:

1) No books were harmed in the making of this blog post (well, not really), and
2) Everything we did, we did out of love.

You see, over the last five and a half months, the Just Love team has taken “book mail” to a whole new level – we’re talking The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants kind of level. It all began when our fearless leader El received one of those highly coveted manuscript copies of Santino Hassell’s Illegal Contact courtesy of Berkeley Publishing/Intermix.

The evolution of Santino’s Traveling Book

At the time, little did we know that Berkeley would bring their A-game promoting this book over the months to come. But we at Just Love clung tight to our precious little copy and watched patiently (okay, waited very, very impatiently) as our plan was executed. The plan that would take this little manuscript, Santino’s Traveling Book, through nine different cities, three countries and across one very large pond on a trip of a lifetime.

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The journey of Santino’s Traveling Book

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