TRANS BOOK MONTH: Interview with Anna-Marie McLemore, author of “When the Moon Was Ours” and “Wild Beauty”

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Throughout the month of July, the team here at Just Love will be elevating and highlighting trans authors and books! Our Trans Book Month has some incredible guest posts and recommendation lists so far, and we encourage you to check them out. Today we’re thrilled to have author Anna-Marie McLemore on the site, to talk about her books When the Moon Was Ours and Wild Beauty.

Before we begin the interview, I want to include the gorgeous dedication at the start of When the Moon Was Ours:

To the boys who get called girls,
the girls who get called boys,
and those who live outside these words.
To those called names
and those searching for names of their own.
To those who live on the edges,
and in the spaces in between.
I wish for you every light in the sky.

I’m so excited to be joined today by author Anna-Marie McLemore, author of When the Moon Was Ours and upcoming release Wild Beauty. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, Anna-Marie.

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TRANS BOOK MONTH: Jay Northcote on “Trans Visibility in Fiction”

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We at Just Love are absolutely thrilled to present Trans Book Month throughout July, elevating the voices of trans authors, readers, and allies in discussing trans representation in books. Today we’re honored to have author Jay Northcote on the blog, talking about the importance of trans visibility in fiction.

Thank you so much for joining us today, Jay!

Trans Visibility in Fiction: How a Story Changed my Life
By Jay Northcote

Thanks for inviting me to post on your blog during Trans Book Month. I love that you’re celebrating trans representation in fiction, because I know first hand how important transgender visibility in fiction can be.

I’m a transgender man. I finally came out last year (age forty-five), after a long and painful process of sloughing off layers of denial. But if it wasn’t for reading the right story, I might never have realised who I really was.

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TRANS BOOK MONTH: Caissa reflects on a book written by fellow trans partners

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Throughout the month of July, we at Just Love want to celebrate and highlight books by trans authors and about trans characters! We’ve had some amazing posts throughout the month, and hope you’ll check them out. Today, one of the Just Love team writes about a very personal trans book:

Caissa reflects on a book written by fellow trans partners

I remember it well: the day that a book changed my life.

I know, I know, everyone says that. But I mean it.

I had some time to kill after work one day last year, so I visited my favorite feminist bookstore to browse for a bit. Amidst all the rainbow items and erotica novels in the LGBTQ section, a book with a bright orange and yellow cover caught my eye.

“Love Always,” it read. “Partners of Trans People on Intimacy, Challenge, and Resilience.”

The bookstore may have gotten dusty.

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